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Self Empower means taking charge of your life without undue effort, and steadily changing your habits so that you can become your best possible self—healthier, happier, and able to make choices that allow you to function at your highest level.

Becoming self empowered starts with being receptive. This is part of having a growth mindset, the desire to grow and improve. Next, you must have a clear goal or intention. Motivation for learning comes best from inspiration, the third part of the self empowerment cycle. The final two steps to consider are energy and environment. Change takes energy in order for us to move from the process of learning to the process of forming a habit. When we have become habituated to something we have learned, it requires very little energy to make it part of our daily routine. The final element is environment. To successfully adopt a new habit it helps if you can create an environment that supports the change. (If you want to lose weight, for instance, get rid of any snacks in your cupboard so you won’t be tempted to overindulge.)

The ultimate tools to self empower are actually super habits which rewire your brain and accelerate a process of continuous learning. This automatically increases the capacity of your nervous system to adapt more rapidly and to learn from each challenge. When writing our book Self Empower my wife offered the word “neuroadaptability.” There are similar terms but this brand new word describes how the nervous system deals with challenges.

Perhaps the most powerful techniques to increase neuroadaptability is the Transcendental Meditation program. Numerous studies show that with continued practice, meditators are able to adapt more quickly to stressful stimuli. Hormones such as cortisol increase with stress, as they are supposed to, but quickly return to their resting levels. TM improves our homeostatic stability while at the same time increases adaptability to mental or physical challenges.

We suggest that TM is the most important super habit anyone can learn—because it helps improve all other positive habits. TM can also be considered both a biohack and neurohack because it creates many beneficial effects in both the body and brain that have been verified by a large number of scientific studies..

Pat Reed, Agile executive, coach and transformational leader, Adjunct at the University of California, Berkeley—
Improving your life starts with changing your mindset and your habits. Self Empower presents a set of remarkable neuroadaptability tools that can help anyone become more energetic, more flexible, more self-determined, and self-sufficient. These tools help you understand who you really are, and how you can improve your ability to learn faster and increase your learning agility.

What are you doing to help self empower your life?  For example, when I decided to start writing I made it a habit to write one paragraph each morning as soon as I turned on my computer and before I looked at my emails or scanned social media. Pick a positive new habit and make yourself a Habit Map and Plan.

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