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7 Super Neurohacks to Improve Your Golf Performance

More and more golfer are attempting to raise their physiology to new levels of performance by biohacking and neurohacking. Both involve specific DIY practices to upgrade and improve our mental and physical capabilities. Some of these practices are old and some are new, some are free while others are exorbitantly priced. Technically, biohacking involves our body, and neurohacking our brain, but the fact is that it is almost impossible to make a distinction between them because they are so closely intertwined. Our nervous system regulates all parts of our body and our body affects the functioning of our nervous system. Let’s explore some of the significant neurohacks which could affect your game.

1. Meditate

The single most important neurohack you can do for your golf game is to begin the practice of meditation. Not all meditation techniques are the same. We highly recommend the Transcendental Meditation program. Click here for more info.

2. Check in with a golf professional

Periodically check in with a PGA golf instructor to make sure that your set up and alignment are correct. You don’t have to take endless lessons. Just a quick check-up to see if you are doing the basics.

3. Routine

Have a good routine with each shot. We recommend a simple routine of: See, Feel, and Do. A critical part of this routine is to draw an imaginary box around the ball. When you approach that box to swing then try not to introduce any new swing thoughts. Simply do.

4.  Breathe

This may sound too simple but many people become so tense when they swing a golf club that stop breathing.

5. Know Yourself

We are all different. Finding out who you are and understanding your strengths and weaknesses can be of immense value to your golf, health, and your life. We recommend the ancient science of Ayurveda as a time-tested body of knowledge to understand your mind/body type. Changing a few health habits can make a big different in your ability to play.

6. Adopt Healthy Habits

Once you know who you are then the next step is adopt some basic habits to improve your health. These primarily involve exercise, sleep, and diet. They need to be personalized and done in small simple steps.

7.Trust in Yourself

When you are confident then everything seems so simple. When you are afraid and introduce doubt then golf become miserable. Trust in yourself, trust in your swing.