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What do we mean by Biohack Longevity?



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You may have already received emails from either,, or These sites are now combined into one multisubject website, with longer articles on biohacking and neurohacking. Our first newsletter introduces the topic of biohacking.

The term “biohacking,” was first introduced by Dave Asprey.  Biohacking longevity involves the action, behavior, food, supplements, and anything else, which helps to improve health and prolong our life. Its source may originate in ancient and/or modern technology, and ranges from periodic fasting, to meditation, to blood transfusions. Biohacking is viewed as a shortcut to improved digestion, better memory, and a positive and creative state of mind. We either know or have heard of people born with resilient genes that allow them to smoke, drink, and do other destructive things to their health. Yet these individuals can sometimes live to a very old age, but not necessarily in good health, and might well end up with some form of dementia.

The great traditional systems of health consider food to actually be medicine—a means of rebalancing and helping to heal our physiology. These systems contain specific diet recommendations, which meet the definition of biohacks. There are also personalized exercise programs, sleep routines, and other lifestyle recommendations. Modern science is only now beginning to understand the scientific basis of ancient biohacks. I have spent my life studying Transcendental Meditation and Ayurveda, and have published papers in major journals.  Yet, this entire time I never knew that I was also researching habits or biohacks for physical and mental well-being and longevity.

James Clear author of Atomic Habits—
Ultimately, your habits matter because they help you become the type of person you wish to be. They are the channel through which you develop your deepest beliefs about yourself. Quite literally, you become your habits.

One of the simplest biohacks used by both Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine is to sip hot or warm water throughout the day. Ancient health systems value this biohack as a means of detoxifying the body. Modern health experts recommend hot water to reduce nasal congestion, help digestion, and improve hydration, circulation, and brain function. Try it, and see how you feel. Once you have experimented with a biohack and you have begun to feel better, it will be good to make it a daily habit.

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